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Don't Hate The Playaz

Series 2

Don’t Hate The Playaz is the comedy entertainment show in which two teams from the world of hip-hop battle it out for the ultimate prize - bragging rights! Filmed in a gig-environment, two teams made up of comedians, hip-hop legends & celebrity hip-hop lovers will battle it out in front of an audience with a live DJ on hand to drop the tracks. Each week the two teams go head-to-head in everything from rap battles to dance-offs, rap trivia and freestyle challenges to win points and impress the crowd. Series 2 features guests including: The Sugarhill Gang & The Furious 5, Katherine Ryan, Michael Dapaah, Miss Banks and Aitch.

Don’t Hate The Playaz is the show for anyone who wants to make sure they know their Stormzy from their Snoop Dogg, their Wiley from their Wu-Tang.


Series 1